Another Simple Meditation

Last time, we left off with a simple breathing exercise: counting 1-2-3-4 on the in breath and out breath. Now, we will begin the same way, but we will add some features of the meditation start to do the work.

Sit comfortably, as before.
Now, start to breathe. Instead of counting the breaths, this time, just feel out that deep breath in and out.

Focus on the rise and fall of the torso. The gentle swaying of the body.

Slow down the breath.

And, begin to think “in” and “out” while you are breathing.

This is called noting. It is a wise thinking tool that helps us focus.

As you notice your mind wandering, ask it gently to come back to the breath by noting the word “thinking”.

Keep going.

This is the full Shamatha or Focus meditation. The goals are concentration and the noticing and the returning to the object (breath, or an alternate object we discussed the other day).

Rinse and repeat for 5 minutes. Try this daily.


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